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See below for the answers to the most common questions we receive at Studio East6. Still have questions? Contact Us - we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

What is Studio East6?

As featured in Vogue India, Studio East6 is a shopping destination for "A bride’s guide to buying traditional wedding wear around the world", Studio East6 has attired many prominent South Asian influencers, such as Mindy Kaling!

Studio East6 is an authorized retailer to many of India's top fashion designers (ie Tarun Tahilani, Falguni Shane Peacock, Anita Dongre, Seema Gujral, Papa Don’t Preach, Payal Singhal, etc) and has established direct partnerships with each of them. SE6 was founded on the idea of making some of India's sought out designers & designs more accessible to the North American market.

10 Reasons You Should Shop with Studio East6?

1. You can bid farewell to the stress of ordering directly from India, including concerns like ensuring the order is accurate, meeting delivery deadlines, fit, and ensuring quality.

2. You can shop across multiple top Indian designers all in one location stress-free!  Let us handle all the work for you!

3. SE6 works with all our curated designers directly and we have formed very strong partnerships with each of them. You can order any of their styles, whether is featured on our website, their website, social media, etc

4. Due to our direct partnerships and strong relationships, we can help customize many pieces to your liking upon request (ie colors, necklines, sleeve lengths, etc)

5. SE6 has a physical studio space - conveniently located downtown Chicago (and Chicago is so easy to get to from anywhere in the U.S., right?). You can actually come see, try on, or purchase many pieces directly off the rack.

6. SE6 does have appointments or walk-in hours. Please read more about this here 

7. SE6 has been in the industry for a considerable amount of time, surpassing the typical lifespan of Indian designer studios), which means we are reliable and got this down to a science

8. SE6 ships orders for free within the US for orders over $100

9. All the product SE6 offers is handcrafted, not factory made, which makes each piece unique and guarantees quality

10. SE6 can collaborate with you remotely from any location, regardless of whether you are in the US or not. You have the flexibility to place orders from anywhere globally, and we will handle your order entirely from start to finish.


Where do you get your products from?

India -- wherever our designers are headquartered. We are partnered & work directly with our curated designers as a multi-designer studio, so all product is coming directly from design houses.

Do you have a retail location?

We do have a physical studio location at 1142 W. Madison St. #407 Chicago, IL 60607 in the heart of the trendy West Loop neighborhood.

Do you have pieces in-stock at your studio to purchase or try on?

Yes, we have about ~150 - 200 styles in our studio, at a time, to purchase off-the-rack. Most of the styles are sent into our studio on rotation by our curated designers, so we may or may not have very specific styles from website in-stock at a given moment.

Each designer sends in stock on rotation and typically have about 7-10 pieces from that designer in at a time (unless pieces have been bought off the rack from clients). This sampling usually provides clients a good idea of each of the designer's quality and workmanship up close, as well as silhouettes in order to custom order.

We are unique in the sense that we are not located where all other traditional Indian stores are located in Chicago-- off of Devon Avenue! We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Convenient and intentional location for our customer demographic.


What are the size options for the pieces in-studio try that are available to purchase or try on?

We are a curated multi-designer studio, so all our items are hand-made (not factory made in bulk). Therefore, we are beholden to the sample pieces our designers send us in varying sizes. We do request sizes from 0-18 from our designers, but at any given time it can vary. It really depends on the replenishment cycle vs what is being purchased off the rack.

Due to our setup, we may not have a specific designer, style, color, or size in stock at all times. 

Since we opened, we continually make it our goal to request that our designer partners send us a range of sizes. This is something we communicate to our designers, each time they are sending us stock. 


What are your in-studio hours?

We operation by a combination of open walk-in hours and by appointment only. We are closed on Monday & Tuesday of each week. To learn more about our exact hours, please visit here

We post weekly walk-in hours on our social media also here.


Do I need an appointment for walk-in hours? How many times can I visit during walk-in hours?

You do not need an appointment for walk-in hours. We advise if you are preliminary bridal shopping or looking to shop off-the-rack, to please visit our walk-in hours. You can come in as many times as you want during our walk-in hours, without an appointment.

How long will it take to receive my Ready-To-Ship order?

We are impatient people here! When you order, we tend to ship within 48 business hours but do state we ship within 2-6 business days. Depending on where you live, the shipping times may vary. We offer various shipping methods to support faster delivery.

How long will it take to receive my Custom Order?

If item is not under 'Ready To Ship' section, it is considered a custom order whether you select default sizing or custom sizing. It will be made to order.

If order is a custom order, then it is taking anywhere from 6 - 15 weeks due to COVID and b/c the order will be custom made to your specifications. If it is a bridal order, it may take anywhere from 8 – 20 weeks. If you do need it sooner, then just ask us and we will try our best to accommodate.

Does your studio offer expedited shipping?

Yes, we do. We can overnight or expedite shipping according to your needs. Please feel free to email us at: customerservice@studioeast6.com

What are your payment options?

Credit Card, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, PopMoney, Check, and probably Bitcoin someday. We also accept cash for those who visit our physical studio.

I am Indian, can I get a discount?

Our designers all have standard global pricing. Also, imagine that instead of buying from us, that you fly to India, spend 2 weeks seeking out the designer of your choice, choosing the design, and then only to have it shipped here incorrectly with customs & duties. Also, let’s not forget an 18% GST tax you will get charged there as well. There, we just saved you $3000 - Consider it a discount :)
On a serious note, please note that we do donate a portion of each sale to the Alzheimer's Association. Please be mindful of this when asking for discounts.

Finally, we do offer specials from time to time, especially to our loyal customers. Register for an account, and you will be automatically added to our mailing list.

I am not Indian, can I get a discount?

Oh, wait we see what you did there, reverse psychology? You would have paid $4500. (see above).

I already spent $2000 on an outfit I purchased from elsewhere that turned out a mess. I need something made in place... can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, not, but consider that a learning lesson where you could have had a stress-free process with us! We would have saved you time & money and you would have ended up with a fabulous outfit :)

I'm only going to wear this outfit once, can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, not. However, based on customer feedback, we do promise you that if you purchase from us, you will wear your outfit more than once - That is the goal!

Does your studio offer alteration or tailoring?

We operate like our website whether shopping online or in-store. We do not offer any alteration services after purchase. Any tailoring or alterations are to be taken care of per customer. Most of our pieces come with about 3 - 4 inches of inseam to adjust accordingly. This equates to almost 2 dress sizes. We may have a list of recommended tailors in your city since we have been shipping throughout the country for quite some time!


Can you take measurements in-studio?

If you are looking to place an order, but unsure about measurements, there will be online measurement forms for you fill out once you checkout. Alternatively, we can email you a custom measurement form to fill online or setup a 15-20 min follow-up in-person or virtual appointment for measurements.

Measurements can be taken in-studio free of charge with a confirmed order only. If measurements are taken without a confirmed order, there is a $45 charge which can be refunded if a confirmed order is placed within 7 days of time measurements are taken. There will be no exceptions.

*If you are looking to come in only for measurements, this will depend on if we are open, appointment schedule, and sheer availability of our staff.  Our purchasing clients are first priority and if there are clients present in the studio, we cannot take your measurements. We may or may not be to accommodate measurement only requests during walk-in hours. We will not schedule appointments for measurements only. Please call ahead of time.

*We do not do any alterations or have an in-house tailor


Does you carry or customize Men’s clothing? Can I purchase matching Mens through your studio?

You have probably seen many examples of custom men’s clothing we have created on our social media posts. We do not have these styles available to shop on our website or in-studio quite yet, but we’re working on it.

In the meantime, you can definitely order any of the men’s’ styles that our partnered designers have, directly through us for the same price. For example, we do take orders on Falguni Shane Peacock, Anita Dongre, & Payal Singhal Menswear. We will work to coordinate outfit colors and details with the designer. 

We carry a very limited (if any) men’s’ attire in-stock in our studio. We usually do have kurtas in-stock ready-to-purchase.

Does your studio offer kids’ clothing?

We do have a limited amount of styles on our website. In-studio, we do have many more options to purchase off-the-rack.


We work with all our curated designers directly & communicate with them daily. Therefore, we can get a range of customizations done within their styles from colors to necklines. Not sure? Just ask! We try our best to make it happen within means. while ensuring order still turns out nicely.

Can colors be changed?

Yes, we can change colors to most styles though it is still dependent. Note that the embroidery tones may not be able to be changed though.

Can sleeves be added or removed on a style?

Yes, most styles can have sleeves added. There could be additional charges for sleeves, depending on the length of the sleeve, embroidery, etc. Sleeves can be made without, as well.

Can my top be made longer or neckline be modified?

Yes, most styles can be modified! Your top length will be based upon your measurements, if custom

Why does the fabric of my piece look like it has pulls? Has it been damaged?

Silk is a natural fabric which when woven & develops natural pulls. This is quite common on raw & dupion silk, as well as other natural weaves. It is not a defect in the garment, but the nature of the fabric

Why can't my order get made with same exact pattern as pictured?

Unlike our solid fabrics such as georgettes and silks, patterned fabric does not get dyed. These fabrics get sourced from market in India and these markets are ever-changing with their supply. Therefore, options will vary based upon time of order.

Why doesn't my custom order look exactly the same as the original?

Each custom order is hand-made from scratch. Can you imagine hand-making, dying, and embroidering a garment from scratch and having all the same details come out exactly the same each time? That is what makes our custom orders unique! Therefore, there might be some variation if patterned fabrics, borders, etc need to be sourced. Additionally, embroiderers may be unique to each order, which can cause slight variation in embroidery. Lastly, it is difficult to get each specific dye job exactly the same for each batch. However, we always try our best to get as close to original details as possible. Ordering pieces with this type of special hand touch causes factors noted above to be out of our control, but makes each piece unique. None of our styles are factory made.


Sizing Options

You have the option to select default sizing for your orders or 'Custom' sizing. (*Note the item may show 'Sold Out' if you do not select sizing options that are close to one another, as a safeguard to ensure you did not input incorrect sizes).

For the default size options, refer to our sizing chart here.

If you select the 'Custom' size options, your order will be made to exact measurements you provide. You will need to fill out the corresponding measurement guide after checkout. 


Custom Size Information:

If purchasing a custom size option, the final fit of your garments depends upon the accuracy of the measurements that you provide. Therefore, it is extremely important to send the accurate measurements. Measurements should be provided in Inches.

Below are some general guidelines for taking the measurements with higher accuracy:

* Wear regular bra (not a sports bra) while taking measurements 

* Have a trusted tailor take your measurements

* If taking measurements at home, stand in front of the mirror (so you too can monitor the process) or ask someone for help.

* While taking measurements, stand straight, have arms hang loose on the side, and do not suck in your stomach

* Measurements should be taken snuggly over the body, not too tight or too loose

* Please ensure length measurements take into account any shoes or heels

* Tip: to use your existing clothing as guides for measurements. For example, if you’re providing measurements for a saree blouse, then we suggest wearing saree blouse that fits well to cross-check. For skirt lengths, check measurements against an existing skirt and so forth

If your measurement details are accurate, this will reflect on the final fit of your outfit.

Studio East6 in Partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association

Since conception, SE6 donates a portion of every sale to the Alzheimer’s Association. The concept to create the studio was inspired by Rupa’s amazing mother, who was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer’s in 2010. Rupa’s fondest memories with her mother is sharing the love for all things fashion with her. SE6 is in legacy of Rupa’s mother & her forever impeccable style.

Sustainability & International Fair Labor Practices

Studio East6 pieces are not manufactured in bulk, compared to many other Indian fashion boutiques. Each piece from SE6 is hand-crafted from artisans in India, while adhering to fair labor practices, working conditions, and wages.

We fully support all our artisans by nurturing their beautiful craft while ensuring to safe working conditions. Choosing to purchase handmade products via our studio allows us to support the livelihood of skilled artisans and keep traditional crafts alive. 

SE6 believes in sustainability by carrying a limited selection of inventory in-stock (about ~150 styles in-studio at any given time). SE6 works mainly by a made-to-order basis, working to reduce the retail carbon footprint.

SE6 also aims to reduce our carbon footprint. We ship out all our orders in the same fashion in which our partnered designers ship to us and would ship direct to consumer/client. We will include any garment bags, duster bags, and packaging the designer uses to normally ship. Our packaging may not look the prettiest, b/c we purposefully reuse all packaging material, as best as possible - from all shipping boxes to plastic sleeves, as long as the garment is secure in delivery.  We make it a direct point to reduce waste by not filling our orders with any other extra packaging material, other than what is needed to deliver orders safely & properly. 


We really want you to be happy with your purchase. We are extremely passionate about our customers and ensuring that they are happy. However, we also want to secure ourselves against people who buy our product, wear them once, and then return it.



1. Only our Ready-to-Ship items (excluding items listed in List of Final Sale/Non-Refundable Items) are applicable for a return & refund. Tags must be on. If tags have been removed, item automatically will be categorized as non-refundable. Items must be unworn and undamaged. If item is not under 'Ready To Ship' section, it is considered a custom order whether you select default sizing or custom sizing. It will be made to order & is non-refundable.


1. Any item that is not in our Ready-to-Ship section. These items are considered custom orders and non-refundable
2. International orders (NOT IN THE USA)
3. Items purchased with Gift Cards or Store Credit
4. Products listed or noted as Final Sale or Sample Sale
5. Non-clothing items or Accessories (this includes all jewelry, shoes, handbags, purses, belts, headpieces, arm cuffs, or any item that is non-clothing related)
6. Worn Product/ Damaged Product
7. Consignment Stock
8. Masks


Ready-To-Ship Items Full Refund Policy

We accept returns only for items under our Ready To Ship category. Items must be returned within 7 days upon date of delivery or in-studio purchase for a full refund.

This is 7 days door-to-door refund policy upon delivery/in-studio purchase. For example, if your order was delivered or purchased in-studio on 1/1/2020, then the last date where a return for a full refund will be accepted is by 1/8/20. Refunds are not accepted after 7 days.

Tags must be on. If tags have been removed, item automatically will be categorized as non-refundable. Items must be unworn and undamaged. If item appears to be worn, then order is non-refundable.

We will ship garment back to recipient if item does not qualify for a refund based upon our policy stated above.

If an item is not under 'Ready-To-Ship' section, it is considered a custom order whether you select default sizing or custom sizing. It will be made to order & is non-refundable.

Return Shipping - It is the customer's responsibility for the return shipping to address listed below:
Studio East6
1142 W. Madison St. #407
Chicago, IL 60607
Ph: 312-834-3469

* When returning garments, please ensure each garment is secure in plastic covering to protect from any damage. If the garment is not package correctly and incurs damages in transit, the item will be non-refundable.

* Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you are returning an item over $100, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance. We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.


Ready-To-Ship Items Store Credit Policy

Returns for our Ready-To-Ship items received from 8 - 10 days upon date of delivery or studio purchase will be issued store credit. Tags must be on. Items must be unworn and undamaged. For example, if your order was delivered or purchased in-studio on 1/1/2020, then the window for would be issued is 1/9/20 -1/11/20. When purchasing items with store credit, items will be non-refundable.

*Product will not be accepted after 10 days upon delivery date. If you return items past this date, we will send your order back to you.

Non Ready-To-Ship / Custom Order Return Policy - Non-Refundable

* All non-ready-to-ship /custom orders are final sale. If an item is not under
'Ready To Ship' category, it is considered a custom order whether you select default sizing or custom sizing. It will be made to order & is non-refundable.

* Please note that custom sizes will be checked against measurements taken or provided by customer before shipping or delivery. We do hold all final measurement check images up to 14 days after shipping or pick-up, feel free to ask. 

* Since we do not charge additional fees for most custom size orders, any additional alterations are to be taken care of per customer. Alterations can be due to numerous factors: such as weight fluctuations, accuracy of measurements (if provided by customer), dress style, etc. Bust and waist sizing fluctuate frequently and commonly. Therefore, each piece is built with additional margin to let out, if needed per customer.

* Additionally, there may be slight color variations due what is photographed and actual pieces due to lighting of photo(s), orders being is custom dyed, laptop/computer settings, etc.

* If there is production defect or serious issue with an order, please email contact@studioeast6.com within 36 hours of delivery with comprehensive details along with images of the product to be considered for review. Please note we are not able to assist after 24 hours.



Studio East6 reserves the right to change prices for products displayed at/on the website at any time due to price changes from our partnered designers and/or correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur. 

Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. If you are paying for your order with an international Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, please note that the purchase price may fluctuate with exchange rates. In addition, your bank or credit card issuer may also charge you foreign conversion charges and fees, which may also increase the overall cost of your purchase. Please contact your bank or credit card issuer regarding these fees.