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Studio East6
1142 W. Madison St. #407 (4th floor)
Chicago, IL 60607

*We are located on Madison Street, in the heart of the popular & trendy West Loop neighborhood (super far away from Devon St)! Find us between Racine Ave & Aberdeen St- next to Bocaditos Chicago.


How Do I Get Into the Studio from Outside?

To enter, dial 'Studio East6' or 207 on the intercom at the entrance to be buzzed in. Proceed to the 4th floor using either the stairs or elevator. The elevator is located straight back upon entering the building.

If you are not buzzed in through the intercom, you will only have access to the stairs and not the elevator. 


Studio Closures, Special Hours, & EVENTS:


Closed: Thursday July 4 



Open Walk-in Hours JUNE 2024 (Closed Every Monday & Tuesday)

1. Wednesday • 1:30pm - 6:30pm
2. Thursday • 1:30pm.- 5:30pm
3. Friday • 12:30pm - 4:30pm
4. Saturday • 12:00pm - 5:30pm
5. Sunday • 12:30pm - 5:00pm

*Note hours may slightly vary during holidays, please check above, our Instagram feed, or text 312-834-3469 to inquire*

*To schedule virtual appointment, click HERE


1. Monday • 5:30pm – 8:00pm
2. Tuesday • Closed
3. Wednesday • 1:30pm - 7:30pm
4. Thursday • 1:30pm.- 7:30pm
5. Friday • 12:30pm - 7:30pm
6. Saturday • 12:00pm - 5:30pm
7. Sunday • 12:30pm - 5:00pm

*To schedule an in-person appointment, click HERE


How to Visit Studio East6?

During our open walk-in hours, appointment, or virtually! For more information, continue reading below.

To schedule an in-person or virtual appointment, click HERE

Walk-in Hours: Due to high demand, we are unable to accommodate a large number of appointments during the week. To address this, we have introduced open walk-in hours.

Walk-in hours are open hours, where no appointment is needed. These hours are designated for shopping off-the-rack, browsing, general questions, order pick-ups, and/or custom ordering.

• Any items $1700 or under can be tried on during open walk-in hours. Kindly note, items priced $1700 or more cannot be tried on during walk-in hours without a $50 trial fee. The $50 fee is refundable upon purchasing apparel on the same day, with no exceptions.

• We highly encourage brides who are in preliminary stages of bridal shopping, to stop in during our walk-in hours.

• If we are at capacity in-studio, you may be asked to come back when space is available, in which case we will create a waitlist.

• The studio's level of traffic can fluctuate, affecting the availability of sales associates for assistance or open dressing rooms. Kindly note this is not within our control, as it depends on the particular day and time.

• Appointments are designated to clients looking for a more personalized service, finalize & place an order, or try on anything $1700 or over. There is a $50 deposit/appointment fee (See below). This $50 fee is refundable only with an apparel purchase executed on the day of.


Clients with booked appointments are prioritized over walk-in clientele.

We do recommend scheduling an appointment, if you are looking

• to try anything on in the studio (this includes all items $1700 or over as well)
• for one-on-one attention from a designated & experienced sales associate
• to reserve a fitting room

• An appointment is semi-private within our open hours, ensuring that a dedicated sales associate is by your side to offer personalized assistance to help you throughout the way to find something off-the-rack, customize order, or more!

• There is a $50/one hour appointment fee that is refundable with an apparel purchase made only at time of appointment. It is $25 per each additional hour. No exceptions made

• Ability to try anything on in the studio.

Schedule an appointment HERE


Do I need an appointment for walk-in hours? How many times can I visit walk-in hours?

For walk-in hours, no appointment is necessary. If you are beginning your bridal shopping journey or are interested in off-the-rack options, we recommend visiting during our walk-in hours. Feel free to drop by as many times as you like without needing an appointment.
A $50 trial fee or appointment is required for trying on items valued $1700 or over. The $50 fee is refunded only upon making an apparel purchase on the same day. No exceptions will be granted.


To schedule an in-person or virtual appointment, click HERE

• email: contact@studioeast6.com or text: 312-834-3469
• fill out a contact form here
• we do offer virtual appointments for $25 non-refundable fee

To assist in scheduling a virtual appointment, please kindly include the following details:

1. Date of Event
2. Type of outfits/styles needed
3. Designers interested in (if any)
4. Estimated budgets
5. Appointment date/time preferences


We are closed on Monday & Tuesday of each week 



If you are looking to place an order, but unsure about measurements, there will be online measurement forms for you fill out once you checkout.

Alternatively, we can email you a custom measurement form to fill online or setup a 15-20 min follow-up in-person or virtual appointment for measurements.

Measurements can be taken in-studio free of charge with a confirmed order only.

If measurements are conducted without a confirmed order, a $50 charge applies. This charge can be refunded if a confirmed order is made within 7 days of the measurement. No exceptions will be made.

*Coming in solely for measurements depends on our opening hours, appointment availability, and staff availability. Priority is given to our purchasing clients, so if there are clients in the studio or we are busy assisting other clients, then we will not be able to take your measurements.

*During walk-in hours, we may or may not be able to accommodate measurement-only requests. Appointments for measurements only are not accepted. Kindly call in advance.


Tailoring & Alterations

*Please note that we do not offer alterations or have an in-house tailor available.

Do you have pieces in-stock at your studio to purchase or try on?

Yes, we have about ~150 - 200 styles in our studio, at a time, to purchase off-the-rack. Most of the styles are sent into our studio on rotation by our curated designers, so we may or may not have very specific styles from website in-stock at a given moment.

Each designer typically provides pieces on rotation, giving clients the opportunity to closely examine the quality and craftsmanship of the designer's work, as well as different silhouettes for custom orders. Pieces do get purchased off-the-rack and we might be in the middle of replenishment, so certain styles may not be available. 

We are unique in the sense that we are not located where all other traditional Indian stores are located in Chicago-- off of Devon Avenue! We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Convenient and intentional location for our customers.

What are the size options for the pieces in-studio try that are available to purchase or try on?

As a carefully curated multi-designer studio, all our products are handmade rather than mass-produced in factories. Consequently, our inventory is reliant on the sample pieces our designers provide in various sizes, which can range from 0 to 18.

The availability of sizes fluctuates depending on the designers stock sizes and replenishment cycle. Please note that due to our operating model, we may not have every designer, style, color, or size in stock at all times.

Since our inception, we have consistently emphasized to our designer partners the importance of offering a diverse range of sizes. This is a message we convey to them every time they send us new stock replenishment.


• Max of 3 people (including yourself) will be permitted in the studio at once. This is based upon our space constraints.

• We take the health and safety of you and our staff very seriously. Thank you for your patience!

Additional Location Info:  

  • We are located on Madison Street (between Racine Ave & Aberdeen St). Our building is in-between Bocaditos Chicago restaurant & Rainforest Daycare. You will see a video intercom outside once you’ve arrived  
  • Please dial 'Studio East6' at intercom & take the elevator (located straight back) or stairs to 4th floor - Suite 407

Parking Info:

  • There is meter parking available on Madison and free street parking available on surrounding side streets (such as Aberdeen, Racine, etc). 
  • There is also a pay-to-park garage located at 1301 W. Madison