The Studio East6

Studio East6 offers customized bridal options anywhere in the world. We've had brides across the globe design their dream outfit with us! You certainly do not need to be in Chicago to create your outfit(s) with us.

Our Bridal Atelier can design attire for:
  • The full wedding party: Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Parents, & more!
  • The full bridal trousseau: Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception, & more!
  • Fusion & Interfaith wedding ceremonies
Every Studio East6 bridal piece is unique and designed specifically for you. View a snip-it below, to see a few of our past Studio East6 brides. Click/touch on any photo to find out more.

1. East6 Bride
in custom Payal Singhal
Detroit, MI

2. East6 Bride
Maui, HI

3. East6 Bride & Groom
New York, NY

4. East6 Bride & Groom
Chicago, IL

5. East6 Bride
Ann Arbor, MI

6. East6 Bride
Chicago, IL

7. East6 Bride
Washington D.C.

8. East6 Bride
Chicago, IL

9. East6 Bride & Groom
Detroit, MI

10. East6 Bride
Phoenix, AZ

11. East6 Bride & Groom
in custom Payal Singhal
Detroit, MI

12. East6 Bride
Atlanta, GA

13. East6 Bride
Detroit, MI

14. East6 Bride
Columbus, OH

15. East6 Bride
Chicago, IL

16. East6 Bride & Groom
Marabella, Spain

17. East6 Bride
Chicago, IL

18. East6 Bride
Chicago, IL

19. East6 Bride
Marabella, Spain

20. East6 Bride in custom Payal Singhal
Portland, OR

21. East6 Bride & Groom
Detroit, MI

22. East6 Bride
Detroit, MI

23. East6 Bride
Cancun, Mexico

24. East6 Bride & Groom
New York, NY


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