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Custom Order Process

Custom orders are hand-made. Can you imagine hand-making, dying, and embroidering a garment from scratch and having all the same details come out exactly the same each time? That is what makes each of our custom orders unique! Therefore, there might be some variation if patterned fabrics, borders, etc. that need to be sourced. Additionally, embroiderers may be unique to each order, which can cause slight variation in embroidery. Lastly, it is difficult to get each batch of dye jobs exactly the same. However, we always try our best to get as close to original details as possible. Ordering pieces with this type of special hand touch can cause these specific types of factors to be out of our control, but it does make each piece unique. None of our custom order styles are pre-made, factory made, and/or then retrofitted to your needs. They are all made to order by our wonderful skilled artisans.

Can colors be changed?

Yes, we can change colors to most styles though it is still dependent. Note that the embroidery tones may not be able to be changed though.

Can sleeves be added or removed on a style?

Yes, most styles can have sleeves added. There could be additional charges for sleeves, depending on the length of the sleeve, embroidery, etc. Sleeves can be made without, as well.

Can my top be made longer or neckline be modified?

Yes, most styles can be modified! Your top length will be based upon your measurements, if custom ordering.



Please understand we strive to do our best, but to also set expectations that tailoring may be required. It is nearly impossible to have custom orders fit like a glove when such complicated pieces are being made across the globe, all based on written measurements. Feel free to read our reviews though here and here! We do offer customization to measurement free of charge, with final tailoring to be the responsibility of the client.

Please note that custom sizes will be checked against measurements taken or provided by customer before shipping or delivery. We will save these on file and can provide you as a cross-check. We are a multi-designer studio, which means each designer may measure slightly differently based upon given style. We do allow for up to 1-inch leeway on measurements provided, which is standard per each design house. However, we do our best to stay within a .5” variance. Please expect to have final adjustments made with a tailor.

Since we do not charge additional fees for most custom size orders, any additional alterations are to be taken care of per customer. Alterations can be due to numerous factors: such as weight fluctuations, accuracy of measurements (if provided by customer), dress style, etc. Bust and waist sizing fluctuate frequently and commonly. Therefore, each piece is built with additional margin to let out, if needed per customer. 

Good news is all our pieces can be adjusted by a trusted tailor or dry cleaner. We have accumulated a list of recommended tailors in most major cities across the US, just ask & we can provide you a recommended tailor if we have on-hand.


Custom Size Information:

If purchasing a custom size option, the final fit of your garments depends upon the accuracy of the measurements that you provide. Therefore, it is extremely important to send the accurate measurements. Measurements should be provided in Inches.

Below are some general guidelines for taking the measurements with higher accuracy:

* Wear regular bra (not a sports bra) while taking measurements 

* Have a trusted tailor take your measurements

* If taking measurements at home, stand in front of the mirror (so you too can monitor the process) or ask someone for help.

* While taking measurements, stand straight, have arms hang loose on the side, and do not suck in your stomach

* Measurements should be taken snuggly over the body, not too tight or too loose

* Please ensure length measurements take into account any shoes or heels

* Tip: to use your existing clothing as guides for measurements. For example, if you’re providing measurements for a saree blouse, then we suggest wearing saree blouse that fits well to cross-check. For skirt lengths, check measurements against an existing skirt and so forth

If your measurement details are accurate, this will reflect on the final fit of your outfit.


In-Studio Measurements

If you are looking to place an order, but unsure about measurements, there will be online measurement forms for you fill out once you checkout. Alternatively, we can email you a custom measurement form to fill online or setup a 15-20 min follow-up in-person or virtual appointment for measurements.

Measurements can be taken in-studio free of charge with a confirmed order only. If measurements are taken without a confirmed order, there is a $50 charge which can be refunded if a confirmed order is placed within 7 days of time measurements are taken. There will be no exceptions.

*If you are looking to come in only for measurements, this will depend on if we are open, appointment schedule, and sheer availability of our staff.  Our purchasing clients are first priority and if there are clients present in the studio, we cannot take your measurements. We may or may not be to accommodate measurement only requests during walk-in hours. We will not schedule appointments for measurements only. Please call ahead of time.

*We do not do any alterations or have an in-house tailor


All styles that are not listed under our Ready-To-Ship section are considered a Custom Order and it is made-to-order. Custom orders are final sale.

Custom orders are non-returnable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable. In the event of a potential defect, please email us within 48 hours upon delivery at contact@studioeast6.com for details. After 48 hours, we cannot accept a review.

Below are measurements that you will need to supply, depending on the type of dress you purchase. We will email you the appropriate measurement template upon each order.

There may be additional fees for bust sizes larger than 38, dependent on style.